There's some information that we really need to tell you about before you get started here at TSTC. That’s why we are asking all new students to complete New Student Orientation.

So, here we are at the login screen. You’ll want to get credit for this, so you should log in to the course. You can use your WebAdvisor login information to begin. It can be found on your acceptance letter from the Admissions Office. If you can’t seem to remember it or find the letter, phone the Help Desk at 956.364.5000.

Orientation is important so we suggest that you pay attention and not just blow it off. Survey results show that students who absorb this info generally find it easier to succeed in many facets of college. You can always return to this data as resource material if you forget something or want to review details. But, please take time now to read carefully through these slides. Here you go!

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